Airbrush Tan

Airbrushing your skintone

Looking for that healthy glow? An airbrush tan is a healthy alternative to sunbathing. Though it’s tempting to bask in the sun in the tropics, the environment today is much harsher than what it was 20 years ago.

Tanning isn’t good for you because it comes with the risk of burning, over a prolonged period, it could lead to skin cancer. The dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays will pierce your skin and started to mess with your DNA. Issues from global warming and a sudden change of climate make a airbrush tan a safer alternative. Even the Kardashians have their airbrush tans once a week to maintain that glossy magazine to red carpet appeal.

The solution cosmetically stained your skin while it doesn’t protect you from UVAs and UVBs, applying UV protected body lotion will extend your tan by another 3 to 5 days. It’s like being airbrushed and all your imperfections are concealed. Embrace the new normal to the next millennium!

Tips before & after your airbrush tan

• Exfoliate your body 2 days before your treatment. Use a fine grained body scrub that does not promote micro-tears on your skin.

• Use a pH balanced soap or wipes before your session.

• Wear loose, dark clothes before your airbrush session.

• Never wear, deodorant, makeup or any oil base moisturiser/SPF before your session for it acts as a barrier.

• After your airbrush session, allow to dry up to 30 mins.

• Stay indoors in a cool air-conditioned area and avoid sweating.

• Rinse with just lukewarm water with no soap and pat dry.

• Moisturize well for tan to lasts 5-8 days

• Your tan will develop after 8-10 hours.

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