Vulval Skincare & Bikini Whitening

Vajacial for your private area

This service treatment is explained and understand more about the care of vulval skin. It gives general advice for women who have a diagnosed skin a condition affecting the vulva or who experience symptoms such as itching, dryness or soreness in the genital region.

What is Vulval Skincare or Bikini whitening?
The “vulva” is the term used to describe the visible part of the female genitalia. The skin of the vulva is sensitive and can be easily irritated by everyday products including soap, bubble baths, shower gels, talcum powder, cleansing wipes, perfumes, deodorants, antiseptics, fragranced washing powders, and fabric conditioners. Such products may make your skin red and uncomfortable.

At Wax Factor, we provide service treatment for your vulva. Just like a facial, your vulva will receive cleansing, exfoliating, masque, ingrown treatment, serum and treatment cream. The techniques we use is indeed one-of-a-kind. Our products are hypoallergenic but effective even for super sensitive skin. You may experience a little stinging but it is only for a brief period. This treatment is also known as Brazilian or Bikini whitening. Resulting is fairer, brighter Bikini/Brazilian area.

Customers needs to be hair-free before undergoing vulval skincare. If you had waxing or IPL done prior, you need to avoid this treatment at least 7 days. This treatment is available for the gentlemen too!

Vulval Skincare & Bikini Whitening (U.P.$128)

Trial price for 1st-time female customers.


Men’s X Skincare (U.P.$168)

Trial price for 1st-time male customers.


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