Hard Wax Versus Soft Wax?

We’ve all heard a myriad of waxing stories: the good, and the bad ones… the truth is, you should not be afraid of it. Once you are armed with the knowledge of information, your waxing experience will be more comfortable, efficient and safe.

Soft Wax

Which is which? There is a variety of brands and types of wax in the market and it narrows down to only 2 types of categories, hard wax or soft wax. Soft wax is best suited for larger areas such as arms, and legs or rather exposed areas. Whilst hard wax is meant for private areas, areas that are usually hidden. Although hard wax is great for ‘virgin’ customers who are doing wax for the first time in the face area. It is thicker and applied warm with a spatula. Once the wax cools, it is removed without the use of a strip paper. When waxing the face, hard wax is generally used. Additionally, it is our professional opinion that, when it comes to sensitive skin such as the bikini area, hard wax is also the best option. It attaches itself only to the hair, not the skin, reducing discomfort and minimizing the possibility of irritation.

Hard Wax

Hard wax is great for hair removal however, we use hard wax for the first round and strip wax to clean up stubborn hairs that sometimes get left behind. Unlike traditional bikini waxing, where a small strip of hair is left on top, with Brazilian waxing, everything is taken off from the labia to the rear, as what Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City says, ‘I got the bald eagle!’ Your therapist may use 3 methods of hair removal in a combination of hard wax, soft wax and tweeze for a perfect finish. This area, in particular, is extra sensitive for one reason: the hair is extra coarse because it grows in different directions, making soft wax more effective and less painful for customers. But hey, waxing down south is not only for the ladies, but it is also for the gentlemen in-the-know as well!

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